The first thing you should do is pray. Pray and ask the Lord what your role in reaching the nations would be. There are so many things you can do to get involved, but start with prayer. Maybe ask the Lord to put a nation on your heart and begin to pray for people of that nation and the churches and missionaries. I would suggest Japan but that would be a little bias…

[Some of the roles that God may be calling you to are… prayer covering, short term or long term missionary, or how about housing a missionary or a missionary family on vacation or while building a partnership team. They may also need a car to get around. You can help meet the needs of missionary. Computers, kid’s education or even Christmas presents. Or join our partnership team to reach the nation of Japan. You can learn more here and here.]

Second you could do some research on missions and missionaries to jump start your prayer. A short book I would start with is “Missions and You!” by Larry W. Caldwell.

Lastly, talk to a missionary. Nothing brings information to life like a personal testimony. I’m sure if you ask around, you’ll find a few in your own church. If you can’t find one, drop me an email at and I’ll answer all the questions I’m able too or, I’ll get you in contact with someone who can.